International sites

Possibly the best astrology site on the internet.  It allows you to set up your own profile, cast your birth chart and follow your transits on a daily basis.

This site is updated daily. It keeps track of world events and gives astrological comment thereon.

Book reviews, astrology news, sun sign predictions, written by top US astrologers - Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine.

This astrologer's favourite astrology magazine.  Full of inspiring articles and insights.  Although the site does not publish the articles in full, there is enough to whet your appetite and hopefully get you to purchase a great mag.  Look for them on facebook.

Australian sites

Ed is an expert in mundane astrology and has some wonderful world predictions and other interesting articles. Teaches astrology classes - Sirius School of Astrology - with Sherynne Dalby.

A young astrologer who contributes on a regular basis to several magazines and newspapers both in Australia and overseas. Kelly also conducts astrology classes on the north side of Sydney and now also in Canada. See her site for details.
Esoteric Technologies are the developers of many highly popular astrology software programs including the world renown- Solar Fire.

A favourite astrology on-line bookshop.

The official website for the Federation of Australian Astrologers of which all the best astrologers are members !!!

The New South Wales branch of the Federation of Australian Astrologers have their own wonderful site, jam packed with great astrology information, articles and details on all upcoming workshops, seminars and courses.

This is the website for the Association of Professional Astrologers Inc.  It lists member astrologers by state and gives contact details. 

A fine Australian astrologer Lynda Hill is internationally recognised for her tremendous work using the Sabian Symbols.  Her website has the fabulous online Oracle to answer your life questions.

A simply fantastic Sydney based astrologer who specialises in soul based astrology readings and who also conducts astrology classes and workshops.

Study in the comfort of your own home while you are being tutored by one of Australia's finest horary astrologers, Peter Burns.  Peter also offers a palmistry diploma, so take your pick - astrology or palmistry or both!!!

A fabulous Sydney based astrologer who has her own wonderful website and who also writes a great blog page at on astrology and the workplace.

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