Throughout 2013, I experienced astro readings with Clementine, as well as two Deep Memory Process sessions, and attended several astrology workshops. I always find Clementine to be exemplary in her knowledge and understanding of both astrology and the Deep Memory Process. Personally, I cannot recommend her highly enough in her ability to help guide the soul along its path, explaining its evolution and its potential. To understand the soul and its purpose is to understand life. Clementine is a shining star in both evolutionary astrology and DMP.

Kay Gibbons, Director

OhsoKay - Centre for Soulful Living


Having a reading with Clementine gives you a very real understanding of who you are, where you have come from, what influences from past lives still have hold of you and how you can work with this in your chart.



Thank you for the Solar Return and Transit reading for this year. I have already noticed a number of points which you raised are happening. I feel the influence of Jupiter particularly strong in the moment. This helps me to keep myself in check.
I am sorry that you moved so far away because I felt our readings were more like a chat between friends.



Clementine welcomed me to her classes, very tactfully and capably dealing with all those questions of mine that came out of left field…….
My astrological knowledge consisted of a conglomeration of facts and impressions gleaned from books and some previous classes. Clementine provided me with a framework with which I could approach readings, and start to order those bits and pieces of knowledge.



Its been a great experience attending classes with Clementine starting from the basics right through to advanced subjects giving you the confidence to undertake the exam process if you wish to.  Clementine offers lots of emotional support and a wealth of knowledge to answer all your questions.



I have attended the Aqua Moon astrology course over a two year period. It was a most enjoyable and enlightening experience! Clementine is an excellent and empathic teacher. She built up the knowledge in the course as surely and securely as a master builder builds a house. Not leaving it in the realms of pure theory, knowledge was personally applied and discussed. I now feel confident in my astrological ability, and with the notes given, I can further deepen, refresh and consolidate. 

I had a transit reading with Clementine that shed light on various difficult circumstances in my life. She was very well prepared and looked at my situation through different astrological 'lenses'. I  was able to reflect on the information she presented and used it to assist me in getting through this time in the most positive fashion.

Thanks Clementine



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