Aquamoon offers various readings - here is a guide here are the most popular:

Natal chart reading: Aquamoon would advise those who have never had an astrology chart reading  or who have no real understanding of astrology to experience this reading first.  This reading runs through all the basic elements of your chart and gives you a good personality profile from an astrology point of view.  Armed with that information you are in a better position to gain the most from any of the other reading types.

Reading time:  1½ hours   Cost: $150 


The Year Ahead:  This is always a favourite with those who have experienced the power of astrology in their lives.  Themes for the year ahead are often clear and defined when using progressed, transit and solar return charts.  These readings can be helpful either at the start of each year or around the time of your birthday.

Reading time:  1½ hours   Cost: $150 


Past Life reading:  This reading is for those who are looking for a more spiritual or metaphysical type reading.  The reading focuses on your soul's journey through the lens of the birth chart.  The reading aims to answer the questions "why am I here?" "what are my life lessons?" "what have I bought in from past lives?".  This reading can be confronting and challenging but it is also most enlightening.

Reading time:  1½ hours   Cost: $150 


Relationship reading:  This reading looks at the charts of two people wishing to enter into a relationship.  The relationship can be as lovers, or as business partners or the reading can focus on existing relationships such as mother/father and child or sibling relationships.  You may even want a relationship reading to help you understand the dynamics behind a relationship that is not working ie teacher & student or boss & employee.

Reading time:  2 hours   Cost: $280


Children's charts:  Very popular with new parents.  Astrology can certainly help parents understand the individual needs of the newborn.  As we all know each child is different and each child responds in different ways to different situations.  We also know that the first seven years of a child's life is all important in determining the final personality outcome.  Armed with information about your child's individual needs you have the best chance to give your babe a great start in life.

Reading time:  1 hours   Cost: $130


Astrology readings can also be tailored to suit your current need ie career changes, moving house/state/country, midlife changes or any other major issue that life throws us sometimes.

Readings can be conducted in person OR by phone or by skype.  Readings can also be recorded.




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