The version of regression therapy practised by Aquamoon is called Deep Memory Process ® (DMP).

This therapy method was devised by the late Roger Woolger.  It combines active imagination (Jung), bodywork (Reich) and psychodrama (Moreno) with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Buddhist bardo wisdom of the The Tibetan Book of the Dead.  Introduced as a technique in 2002, Deep Memory Process broke regression therapy out of the narrow confines of hypnotherapy and talk therapy giving it embodiment and lived experience through psychodrama and bodywork.  Rooted in yoga concepts of the subtle bodies and shamanism, and drawing upon Tibetan teachings about death and transition through various bardo or intermediary states, Deep Memory Process has been recognised as a major contribution to transpersonal psychotherapy.


Deep Memory Process can be helpful if you:

  • suffer from debilitating fears or anxiety
  • something is holding you back from living your life fully
  • if you are functioning at less than your real potential
  • if you have suffered severe shock or trauma that still haunts you
  • if your relationships fall apart repeatedly


Deep Memory Process is designed so that in a safe caring environment you are invited to:

  • clearly recognise the core issues or complexes running your life
  • journey in time to resolve childhood and other traumas
  • vividly relive and resolve emotional conflicts through a healing psychodrama
  • develop somatic awareness of deep memories to release them from your body
  • let go of old unwanted ancestral patterns and influences
  • integrate wounded soul fragments ("past lives")
  • clear your energy field of negative influences
  • open up with love to higher spiritual resources within yourself


For more information about a Deep Memory Process session, please check out these two YouTube clips of Patricia Walsh, a DMP trainer and practitioner:

Patricia Walsh - You Tube clip one

Patricia Walsh - YouTube clip two


Understandably, a Deep Memory Process session can only be conducted on a face to face basis.

Should you be interested in or believe this type of therapy could help you, please contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The fee for a past life regression session is $150.00.  



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