Aquamoon's astrology classes are a self paced learning opportunity.  They can be held in a classroom situation or via skype or any other such technology means. They are open to anyone interested in studying astrology from any perspective. Whether you just want a better understanding of your own birth chart, whether you would like to study astrology as an interest or whether you wish to become a serious student and go on and undertake an exam process which can lead to receipt of a Diploma of Astrology with the Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc., the classes will satisfy all these levels of learning.

  As a guide, the course is broken up into four semesters with the semester topics listed below:

Semester One | Semester Two | Semester Three | Semester Four

If you wish to participate in the classes, you will need to:


The cost for each class is $AU25.00

The cost for the full semester is $AU335.00 - semester one only (the number of classes in semester two, three and four are based on the students learning ability).

Preferred payment method is by direct deposit :

Bank:  ING  Direct

BSB:  923 100

Acc#  30723036

Ref:  Your name


Class One:

The History of Astrology


Aries - Mars - First House

Taurus - Venus - Second House

Gemini - Mercury - Third House

Cancer - Moon - Fourth House

Leo - Sun - Fifth House

Virgo - Mercury - Sixth House

Libra - Venus - Seventh House

Scorpio - Pluto - Eighth House

Sagittarius - Jupiter - Ninth House

Capricorn - Saturn - Tenth House

Aquarius - Uranus/Saturn - Eleventh House

Pisces - Neptune/Jupiter - Twelveth House

Lunar Nodes



Chart Calculations:

Manual calculation of a birth chart including chart angles & planetary positions and all other chart calculations is offered as part of exam tutorials.

Semester Two  -  Working with the Birth Chart


Aspects – orbs & intensity

Aspect patterns

Unaspected planets

The Lunation cycle

Stationary and retrograde planets


Transits – orbs & intensity

Interpretation grids, ranking transits

Transiting Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus

Transiting Mars, Jupiter & Saturn

Transiting Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Planetary Cycles:

Looking at the cycles of:


Saturn & Saturn returns





Manual calculation of the Progressed Chart

The progressed sun and moon and their cycles

Progressed mercury, venus, mars

Progressed Lunation cycle

Time Maps and the Graphic Ephemeris

Other Predictive Systems

Planetary returns

Eclipses and the Saros Cycles

Planetary Arc


Semester Three:  Dynamic Astrology

This Semester will concentrate mainly on chart interpretation

Using both class and celebrity charts

and including the use of progressions, transits & returns

we will work through the process of how to give an astrology reading

We will also cover:

Relationships Astrology

Children's charts

Vocational Astrology


Semester Four – Advanced Techniques

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this semester:


Vertex / Anti Vertex

Part of Fortune and other Arabic points


Relocation - AstroCartoGraphy

Fixed Stars

Mundane Astrology & Synodic cycles (the combined cycles of some planets)



Vedic (Hindu) Astrology

Medical Astrology

Heliocentric Astrology

Uranian Astrology


Horary Charts

Astro Economics / Stock Market Astrology

Sun Sign Astrology

  • Chart construction
  • Ascendant and Descendant
  • The MC / IC Axis
  • Quadrants
  • Elements and Modes
  • The Astrological Alphabet:


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