The south node of the moon is often accredited as a first point of interpretation when looking for past life themes in the birth chart.  With this is mind this article gives a range of basic suggestions on how your south node may lhave influenced your past lives.  Please note though this is a very basic first step introduction to past lives via the astrology birth chart.

Spiritual Astrology


Pluto's purpose in astrology is to bring us face to face with those elements of our personality we would rather not own up to - our secret little revenge stories, our plottings to get even, our cravings and desires for what we can't have legally.  Imagine if all our thoughts and intentions were being broadcast throughout the neighbourhood.  Therefore when Pluto comes calling through a transit or a progression most of us are scared, VERY SCARED, of what might be revealed.  This article talks to such transits and what you might expect when its your turn to go under the mircoscope.

Pluto, Transits & Transformations


Chiron is back in the spotlight with its recent ingress into the sign of Pisces.  For those born between February 1960 to March 1968 it means that anytime from February 2011 until February 2019, you will experience what is known as Chiron return.  This article is firstly about Chiron and its place in astrology.  It goes on to speak of the Chiron return and finishes with tour of Chiron through the zodiac signs and birth chart houses.

Chiron the Wounded Healer

Here is an article that first appeared in the Wellbeing Astrology magazine 2010.  Venus has the dual rulership of Taurus and Libra.  For this reason she can be interpretated in several ways when delineating a birth chart.  The more common areas of interest that fall under her domain are: relationships, love, beauty, peace and harmony, joy and happiness, what we value (which is where money comes into the equation), self esteem and self confidence.  If you know the zodiac sign in which your Venus is placed - this article will give you a clue as to how it might be working for you.

Venus - Values & Love


During 2011 the hot topic was the end of Mayan Calendar in 2012.  All sorts of theories and scare mongering flooded the media.  Those who took the time to actually read and study the concept of the Mayan calendar found a much richer source of knowledge and understanding of the universe and its cycles than had been previously known.  Some more enlightened souls were of course, well ahead of the rest of us and had written on the subject after long associations with the Mayans themselves.  My own article refers more to the Mayan astrology which incorporates their beliefs.

How to practice Mayan Astrology

Eclipses have long fascinated the peoples of the earth.  They were one of the first cosmic phenomenas that had the ancients look skyward and recognise the interplay of the heavenly luminaries.  At the time of a solar eclipse in particular the earliest tribes on the planet would fear for their lives as they watched the sun slowly darken and disappear from sight.  This fear may have now gone but we still watch in reverence whenever the sun and moon cross paths.  This article was written in with the eclipses for 2013 in mind, but much of the information contained within its pages holds ture for eclipses in general.

Eclipses and Karma

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