Aquamoon has undergone a few changes in the last year or two and to reflect those changes the banner has been adapted to now read:  astrology and healing for the soul.

Aquamoon now works hand in hand with Evolutionary Astrology and a form of past life regression therapy known as Deep Memory Process.

First let's talk about Evolutionary Astrology.  Evolution is a natural ongoing change process  that occurs in all living things including humans.  Some may come from the idea of the evolution of man from the "ape" state - that being the physical evolution of the species.  Evolutionary Astrology though, is more concerned with the evolution of the soul or spiritual energy of man.

For the longest time, those of us in Western culture have lived in a state where the left brain has dictated everyday life.  The Eastern cultures, on the other hand, have mostly concerned themselves with the right brain activities.  In the West logic and reason dominated our thinking, in the East metaphysics and the spiritual path have dictated the way of life.  All this is changing of course, and the two cultures are slowly incorporating what was lacking.

In the West then, the interest in spiritual growth has heightened to such a degree that the Australian Census now lists Buddhism and Hinduism - to name a few, under the section of religion.

Merging the two beliefs brings us to where many "spiritual searchers" are now.  One of the more foremost differences between Christainity of today and Eastern beliefs is the idea of reincarnation.  This idea only is one of the more obvious ideas that has been adopted by many in the West.  There are several others concepts that we have embraced as well but this theory alone typifies our changing ideas on spirituality in the West.

Stemming from those changes comes Evolutionary Astrology.  This model of astrology is based on the concept that the soul continues to live after death.  The journey into enlightenment is one of many life experiences, many journeys.  It is not my intention to go into the deep philosophies that are rooted in the alternative convictions of faith but it is enough to know that many in the West will know to what I refer.

Evolutionary Astrology is then concerned primarily with your soul's journey towards a oneness with the divine.  On that journey we have many lessons to learn - primarily, as the Buddhists will point out, is the dissolution of ego.  Where we are on that journey, what lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime, what lessons have we learnt, how far along the journey are we anyway?  These are the types of questions Evolutionary Astrology strives to answer.

Yes Evolutionary Astrology can suggest who you were in a past life - but it will be viewed from what you were learning in that lifetime rather than the boast that you might have been Henry VIII.

Should you be interested in understanding more of the thoughts behind Evolutionary Astrology, I recommend this site.

As before the main aim of Aquamoon is offer the general public quality and well informed astrology.  Aquamoon will adhere to that promise.

Again Aquamoon will continue to offer Readings that suit everyone at all ages and all stages of life's journey.  In particular Aquamoon offers chart readings for children, couples, those experiencing a major transitional time in their lives.  These readings can be from an evolutionary point of view or from a secular standpoint.

Workshops will continue to be offered at various times throughout the year. Workshops are available for those who have a basic knowledge but would like to learn more.  Workshop details can be found on the Workshops page on this site.

Aquamoon will also continue to offer a  four semester programme which is aimed at serious students who wish to become qualified astrologers.  The programme is now offered in an online format.  Class topics are listed on the Classes page. 

A new heading on the above toolbar Past Life Regression has a drop down menu of three headings:  Past Life Regression Training, Past Life Regression Events and Past Life Regression Therapy.  The first two headings are mostly aimed at those currently studying Deep Memory Process.  The third heading:  Past Life Regression Therapy is for those interested in experiencing a regression session (this is NOT hypnotherapy).

Should you be interested in understanding or reading more about the past life regression work called Deep Memory Process I encourage you to visit this site.

Aquamoon encourages feedback on the content of the site and would be happy to submit articles that are of interest to readers.

For your information, the face behind Aquamoon is Clementine who is committed to putting astrology out there in the public arena and is working towards Aquamoon realising its goals.

Clementine is a qualified astrologer, having obtained a Practitioner's Diploma with the Federation of Australian Astrologers and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers.

Clementine is also has a Practitioner's Certificate in Deep Memory Process ( form of past life regression) from the Woolger Institute.
Clementine has been working with astrology since 1998,  has been teaching since 2006 and specialised in the area of astrology known as Evolutionary (past life) Astrology in 2007.  Her work is now mainly centred on past life influences coming from the natal chart and that is also combined with past life regression work since June 2010.

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